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Dear Brock and Britney

Thank you for the amazing opportunity that you gave me this summer. I came to B&B with a list of goals that I wanted to meet during this internship and you guys helped me surpass all of them. There was the added benefit of learning things about myself that weren't included on the list. I greatly respect your program and the family that you have created through your clients.
My favorite memory is still the Saint Jude camp out week. There are so many stories and good times that came out of that trip that I will never forget. While week whacking was not my favorite of all activities it taught me the value of hard work and to be proud of the end product.
The thing that has stuck in my head the most was one of the very first things that Brock said to me, "Ranch work is more than horses it is maintenance. If there is one thing you take from this experience I hope it is the understanding that everyday something breaks, something is left undone, because there is not enough time in a day. It is our job to cut down on those lists, be proud of the work you do both with the horses and the facility they live in."
Thank you for introducing me to such an amazing group of people and allowing me into your barn family.
                                   Olivia Sippy
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