B&B Reinebach - Specializing in the equine athlete
We started developing our facility September 2010. Our goal is to only provide comfortable, world class stalling, footing, and care to our clients horses.

Our facility includes:

*11 x 11 comfortable modern stalls with RubberMan matting that we are adamant about cleaning and bedding for comfort.
*Pyranha Spraymaster System over every indoor stall
*World class arena footing that can be adapted to any event including reining in both the 50 x 120 insulated indoor and 130 x 240 outdoor arenas.
*Indoor and outdoor wash racks
*Five B&B outdoor patience poles
*Outdoor tie lines
* Two 5-horse Trilogy walkers with multi speed and change of direction
*Two outdoor round pens
*200 x 300 pasture
*Two groomed and landscaped B&B mountains created for obstacle and trail training
*1804 Pro Cutter (Mechanical Cow)
*A circle drive and trailer parking for easy access for haul in lessons, delivery and pickup of training horses, and provides space for events.

Privately owned and operated

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